Lily (lifes_a_mixtape) wrote in music411,

This Providence

Losing a band member is the new cool obvs.

Hello Everyone,

It's Phil here. I just wanted to send out a message to you all personally and let you all know whats going on. After many days and months of thinking and praying, and after over two years of touring and being in this band for many more years than that, I have decided to no longer play bass for This Providence. The reason is basically that its just too hard for me to be gone for such long periods of time on tour. In all my relationships I am lacking and I want to focus on them more. My relationship with Jesus, my relationship with my girlfriend, my family, my friends . . . etc. I've just personally found it impossible to stay grounded in my faith without steadily being plugged into my church. And if I'm not seeking Him to the best of my ability, well then whats the point of being on this earth? Its been an incredibly hard decision, but it was one I needed to make and I'm more excited for my future than I've ever been! I've had so much fun doing this, and also with the most amazing group of guys, too! Dan, Gavin, Ryan, thank you soooo much for everything! You guys have been amazing to me and so supportive, it means the world to me! And to all the bands we've toured with, you guys are incredible and its been amazing getting to know you! I'll miss all of you! and to our fans, You guys are mind-blowing! We truly do have the best fans in the world! To everyone on our LJ community, our message board, our myspace, and our street team THANK YOU SO MUCH! If you live in Seattle, I'll be around some shows here and there, don't be afraid to say hello! God bless you guys,

Phil Cobrea

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