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The mission of Music411 is to have a place to report on the latest news in popular music. Absolutely all band/artist information is welcome. Don't worry that no one else might care.


1. Examples of items to post: Member leaving a band, leaked CD/video, new tour info released, and things of the sort.

2. Examples of items not to post: OMG HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEW blahblahblah IT SUCKS!, promotions, unless it's approved, stupid things. Got it? Posting is un-modded as of now.

3. Site your sources. No one will believe you without a link to an official statement. If it's a tour, post a link to the dates.

4. Try not to re-post information. Check at least one page back.

5. Do not bash a band. Respect everyone's opinion.

6. Put the band(s) your post refers to in the title bar. This is helpful.

7. NO PROMOTION! If it's for a new cd, fine. but take your random street teaming somewhere else.


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